LoLi-Fe-TaTo Framework

LoLi-Fe-TaTo Triangle

Parents play a fundamental role in kids formation, they are an active part. At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we believe in the triangle Kid-School-Family as the basis for the kid education.

School shall be a liveable place to build relations, do research, reflect, learn and above all… a place to feel good. A place to establish an equilibrium between teachers and kids, kids and families, families and teachers. This is why, LoLi-Fe-TaTo invites parents for open forum sessions with the teachers, an occasion to discuss:

– Difficulties of their kids, what is obstructing their learning process;

– Targets and how to achieve that;

– Activities to be organized along with parents.

We create a interactive platforms for parents to involve with kids. This adds the emotional/sentimental ingredients which only the warmth of families can provide